Why I Do What I do...

This past year, I was given an amazing gift, the gift of a precious little spirit named Tripp Roth. Tripp was born with a rare genetic skin condition called Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). The slightest friction causes excruciatingly painful blisters. There is no cure and those who suffer from this condition are forced to live wrapped in bandages enduring constant pain. Most do not surive to see their first birthday. It is cruel and devastating; it profoundly affects all those who must face it, including caregivers.

Tripp's earthly light sadly is no more.  He lost his fight against EB on January 14th 2012 in the arms of his loving mommy.  He does however continue to shine in the thousands of lives that he has touched.  It is my hope that this journey does not end here.  That this is only the beginning.   I am committed to help in the effort of spreading awareness, being a voice for these precious children and eventually finding a cure to EB.

Tripp had an amazing spirit about himself that has spread to so many hearts. He faced each new day with amazing strength and grace despite his pain. Tripp most certainly shined his little light so brightly and it has inspired me to create this project and capture other little lights shining, providing families lasting memories through portraiture.  I have partnered with a Minnesota charity to do just that.  This Light Light provides custom portraiture services to families who are facing a life altering diagnosis.

If you know of a family that may benefit from this service, please email me at info@elan-images.com
You can learn more at www.thislittlelightimages.blogspot.com


  1. Christie,

    Thank you for sharing Baby Tripp with me; I will miss him so much. He has a Little Light that will be Lit Forever for the World to See. Blessings to Tripp and Courtney. Blessings to You Christie for introducing Tripp to the world for Part of the Cure.

    Love Debbie

  2. Christie,

    Thank you for bringing awareness. Tripp is such a Sweet Little Baby. May his Little Light bring Awareness and Love to the World Forever because of your beautiful Tribute to Tripp. He will shine from above in the arms of his Heavenly Father; and He will Shine for the World to be aware, because of Your Cherished Images of Tripp, that you have shared with Us. May Tripp's Mommy find Comfort in his Beautiful pictures.

    Thank You Christie,
    Love Debbie