Sunday, April 15, 2012

The fight continues...

Yesterday was quite bittersweet as I said my final goodbye to sweet little Quinny.  It was an incredible honor to be there with her amazing family and friends...her Butterfly Army.  Such a precious soul who brought an entire community together to fight.  In her short time here, she inspired so many hearts to take action.  Because of Quinn, thousands of people have joined the battle against EB.  And although her time on earth is through, her purpose, her legacy continues.  This fight is far from over.  Quinn's story will continue to be told and she will continue to inspire people to follow their hearts and fight for those who suffer.  

Each day, Quinn was forced to endure EB and the pain and suffering that it brought.  Despite this, Quinn would smile her amazing smile and bring tremendous joy to those around her.  Because of EB, Quinn's time here was much too short.  However, the lessons she taught us are immeasurable.  They are lessons that we must now continue to share with others.  We much love one another without judgement; we must show compassion and kindness.  We must be joyful and embrace each and every moment.  Above all, we must have faith.

Quinn, thank you for shining your light into my life and reminding me to believe & to find hope in every situation.  I love you.

I know that there are so many who have followed Quinn's story who what to get involved and help.  Many of you know that Quinn was part of clinical trial that is being done at the University of Minnesota.  This summer, there is an awesome event being hosted my the Children's Cancer Research Fund called
 Time to Fly.  There is a special team dedicated to the research being done and I am excited to be a part of that team.  If you would like to participate or support TEAM PUCK, please visit my Time To Fly Page here: Time to Fly - Christie Zink's Team Puck Page

Someday we will find a cure, and sweet are a part of that cure!


  1. You have such beautiful, honest words. I love to read your blog and I'm so thankful you are able to be there for these wonderful children and their families. You have a special gift and I'm glad that you share it with all of us. I love this picture you posted. Her eyes say so beautiful. We grieve her loss and have never even met her.....amazing what these babies teach us.

  2. I thought about Quinn and her family a lot on the weekend. The only thing that comforts me is the fact that Quinny had such amazing parents, Marc and Mandy, and she got all the love and care that she could possibly get. I followed her journey through Caringbridge and I believed and hoped that because of this medical trial, Quinn could have a normal life outside the hospital with her parents.

    Yes, we must continue the battle for the name of these little butterflies! It is so heartbreaking to read about these stories that the world is full of - for example about the little Jie and Wen(Little Flower Projects), who have never feeled the parental love. My heart just breaks. Thank God there are organizations like this one and people like you Christie! Thank you Christie for being the voice! Love and hugs, Lotta from Finland.